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Hi. We’re Pelluche Creative – a small team of smart, creative and dedicated designers, programmers, illustrators and strategists. We specialize in turning your ideas (even the crazy ones) into interactive realities that work for your business. Our processes and approach to any project are guarenteed to make them enjoyable and highly productive.

We do it all! There is very little you can come to us with that we won’t be able to provide a solution for. We are small in size but maintain a unbelievably wide skill set.

Due to the fact that we only work on a few projects a time, we are able to give each one all the attention that it deserves. Our size also allows us to comfortably adapt to the culture of our clients, sometimes even feeling like were an actual extension of their team.

We push for original creative thinking. We’re about creating compelling and original work that adheres to only the highest standards.

The Pelluche Creative philosophy is based on the premise of building strong relationships with clients and on our commitment to excellence. We’ll always collaborate with you to discuss your ideas and develop specific objectives for projects before ever starting production. This ensures that your finished project is not only attractive but effectively targeted to your audience.

Our team of designers and developers here at Pelluche Creative bring unrivaled creativity and passion to every project we do, no matter the size or scope. We promise to masterfully turn your ideas into engaging and highly functional products that will help your operation stand out and thrive. The final product you receive from us will be a true work of art crafted by some of the best most creative minds on the planet.

Meet The Team

DJ Hughes

DJ Hughes

Principal | Development Director

“Sleep is for the weak." That's the phrase you'll hear relentlessly from DJ, or Chief as most know him, during all night programming sessions. Doing what he does best, DJ is a coding beast who survives on a mainly mac and cheese with hotdogs diet. He has a talent for being able to quickly learn new and complex programming languages, making him an invaluable asset to the team. When he isn't knee deep in the matrix, you can find him chilling with his daughter Kaylie or playing volleyball wherever they have a ball, a net, and free beer.

DJ has had the great  fortune to have worked with some very impressive clients through the years such as Pepsico, NASA, Kelloggs, Coca Cola, Diageo, Kroger, Home Depot, Verizon Wireless, Octagon, Ripleys Believe it or Not, Aquafina, and Adidas. He's looking forward to adding your business to the list.

Dan Leahy

Dan Leahy

Principal | Creative Director

Dan, or Mookie as many know him by, brings a diverse and creative skill set that he infuses into every project. From web to print, there is nothing this guy can't conceptualize and design. If you look closely, you can actually see the creativity dripping off of his goatee. Dan stays current with new technologies and enjoys the challenge of continually seeking out unique solutions for new projects. In his free time he enjoys reading apocalyptic novels, drinking craft beer, and spending time with his fiancee Katie.

Dan has dabbled in many different disciplines from web to print to video to blowing people's minds. 

The rest of the support staff here at Pelluche are arduously working on their witty bios. We should have them up and online shortly...